Q: Can I competitively register a meta-analysis in PROSPERO?

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In PROSPERO, a similar topic is already registered, but its stage has not been updated for "Formal screening of search results against eligibility criteria" for about a year, and we are unable to locate the publication in databases like MEDLINE. In such a situation, can I apply a new protocol to PROSPERO and proceed with the analysis work? Are there any ethical concerns?

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You should be able to apply to PROSPERO on a similar topic. As long as your study has a different question/approach/study design/outcome, it will not lead to ethical concerns during publication. If there are any conflicts, PROSPERO may get in touch with you. Further, if you are in any doubt about the eligibility of your review, including the stage of progress, we recommend that you contact crd-register@york.ac.uk for advice. This email contact has been provided on the PROSPERO website: https://www.crd.york.ac.uk/prospero/

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