Q: Can I create my thesis by combining several of my published journal articles?

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When submiting my thesis to school, would it be okay to combine several of my published journal articles into one without revising them? 

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It is quite common to reuse the contents of one or more published articles in a thesis. This is a perfectly acceptable practice as long as you mention in the beginning that the thesis is based on your previously published articles and provide the links to those articles. If you make this disclosure, it will not be considered duplicate submission.

There is no ethical problem if you reuse the journal articles directly in your thesis.  If you can use the different journal articles as different chapters of your thesis, you can do so. However, remember that a thesis and a journal article are two very different genres of writing and, therefore, you will have to decide whether some modification is required in terms of orgaization and flow to incorporate the journal articles into the thesis.

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