Q: Can I publish my thesis two times, once as a full thesis and then as a journal article?

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I have completed my MBA thesis. I would like to publish it two times, once as a full thesis (having full details) and then as an article to be published as a journal. Is that acceptable? If so, how should I publish it first, as a thesis or as an article?

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This depends on whether by ‘publish,’ you mean your thesis will be available for internal circulation only (within the institute/university) or whether it will be available as a book or a monograph in the public domain, whether print, online, or both. If the former, you can identify one topic to convert into a journal article. (See resources below for converting your thesis into a journal paper.) If the latter, note that journals like to publish only novel studies. So, as your thesis would have been already published, they may not be interested in publishing it. Also, this would be a case of duplicate submission, which would be an unethical publishing practice.

Some people also convert journal articles into their thesis. This is called a paper-based thesis or a cumulative thesis. However, this depends on how much time there is left on your thesis (such as if there is a defense planned). For instance, does ‘completed’ mean you have only finished writing it and still have time to finalize or that you have actually submitted it? Nevertheless, you can find out more about this option below.

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