Q: Can I submit my thesis work based on a deep learning model to IEEE Signal Processing Letters?

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I am an image processing and deep learning researcher. I would like to submit a thesis work as a journal paper to IEEE Signal Processing Letters. I am proposing one of the famous deep learning models. Will such work have chances of getting accepted in this famous journal? Or there any other suggestions for submitting to IEEE journals? I need suggestions in this regard. Thanks in advance.

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Firstly, your field seems very interesting: it’s very new-age and cutting-edge. :-) However, there are a couple of things unclear about your query.

By ‘thesis work,’ perhaps you mean that you plan to submit a part of your thesis as a journal article. If so, that should be fine. Whether your thesis is published first or the article, either case should be ok.

The other thing that is not very clear is ‘proposing one of the famous deep learning models.’ We guess this means that you are proposing a study based on a famous deep learning model rather than a famous deep learning model itself, because if you are proposing a new model, it wouldn’t already be an established or a well-known one. :-)

Coming to your query, without knowing more, it wouldn’t be possible to advice on your chances of being accepted with them. Your best way of assessing your chances would be to employ any or all of the below strategies:

  • Go through their About Us section: SP Letters, as it is called, publishes shorter papers with specific guidelines for the nature of the content that you need to write. Find out more here. If you think your proposed paper fits this format, you should be fine.
  • Go through other letters published by them: This will give you an idea not just of the type of letters they publish but also the potential topics they are interested in.
  • Check out their Call for Papers section: While this is for all the IEEE journals, you may find one for SP Letters here. It is at the bottom of the same page linked above, and provides a couple of topics they are specifically looking to publish in. If your proposed paper fits this, you obviously stand a greater chance of publishing.
  • Check out their Special Issues section: Again, this is for all IEEE journals. Again too, if your paper fits here, you stand a better chance of being published. Know more here.
  • Find out their interest through a presubmission inquiry: In many case, making a presubmission inquiry is the best way to proceed. This can save you a lot of time, effort, and disappointment. Now, SP Letters does not seem to have a separate page for such a query. So, you’ll need to contact them via their uniform Contact Us page here.

One last suggestion. It seems you’ll not have a challenge with the scope match, as you seem to have a sense of the journal and your work. So, to improve your chances, you may consider using an editing service such as ours. You may choose from any of the multiple options we provide for editing. You can learn more here: Editage Editing Services

Hope that helps. All the best for your paper!