Q: Can I use the tables and figures that I have posted on Figshare in a journal submission?

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I should have published only the data in Figshare to submit to PLOS ONE, but I have, by mistake, published the figure & table also in Figshare. If I submit the same figure & table to PLOS ONE, will that regarded as a duplicate submission?

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Figshare is a platform for researchers where they can make their figures, datasets, images, and videos publicly available to cite, search and discover. Reputable publishers like Wiley, Springer Nature, and PLOS have partnerships with Figshare for data sharing services. Many journals of  BioMed Central and SpringerOpen have facilities to deposit the supplementary data on Figshare. All data deposited on Figshare get a DOI, but the right to the dataset remains with the author.

PLoS ONE accepts all additional data, raw data collected during an investigation, and datasets on Figshare. Usually, the main figures and tables related to the manuscript are not required to be deposited on Figshare. You may write to the editor and explain your situation. The final decision in this matter would lie with the editor.

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