Q: Can you help me find a proposal based on finance?

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A research proposal is an application written to grant agencies to acquire funding for your research project. Therefore, you cannot really find a research proposal: you will have to write one yourself. Before you start writing a proposal, you must have a research idea on your mind. If you have not come up with a research idea, you can conduct a literature review to identify explorable gaps and then zero down on one unique question. Your next step will be to form a research objective and prepare a study design.


We have some excellent resources that will help you come up with suitable research objectives and research questions:

Once you have devised a research plan, you can start preparing your research proposal. A research proposal should contain an Abstract to summarize your findings, an Introduction to highlight the importance of your research, a Research Design and Method section to explain the credibility of the proposed methods, and a Research Environment and Institutional Resources section to emphasize the expertise of personnel involved and infrastructural support available for the research project. For further guidance, you can look up this infographic lists 9 core parts your grant proposal must contain in order to increase your chances of getting funded. 


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