Q: Can you help me with the problem statement for my thesis?

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How do I write a statement of the problem for my thesis? The topic is ‘Factors that affect the number of customers of pisonet computer shops.’

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A problem statement is a brief, concise expression of the problem of the study and the proposed solution. It informs readers of the purpose of the study and provides the background and context of the study. While it may not be possible for us to write the problem statement of your study, we can provide some pointers. You may, for instance, explore factors such as the locations of pisonet computer shops, the profile of customers in the area, the profile and number of potential users in the area, usage trends for pisonet computers, and competition for pisonet computers. Based on a thorough exploration of these factors, you should be able to write an effective problem statement. For more help, here are some resources: