Q: Can you help me write this proposal for an academic study?

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“In this section, you are asked to give examples of general knowledge about an academic study in Turkey. The proposal that you make in this section is not binding. You can work on another subject you choose later in Turkey. However, the proposal you put forward in this section will be used to assess your ability to put forward your academic competence and problem[-solving ability]. You can write a case study in the language you express yourself.

  1. Subject of study
  2. Working title (up to 15 words; please write in short and concise terms)
  3. Analysis of the problem (at least 75 words, maximum 300 words)”
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It seems you need to write a proposal for conducting an academy study as a part of your university or institute work. As the explanation states too, this is “to assess your ability to put forward your academic competence and problem-solving ability.” In other words, writing this proposal is meant to help you grow and gain confidence as an academic and for your university or institute to assess where you are on this path. For this reason, it would not be fair to help you write the proposal. However, we have several excellent resources on our site that can help you get started. We have linked a few below for each of the points you have shared. For any others, you may look up the site using the appropriate keywords.

Also, what you have described seems to be a concept paper. If so, you may learn more about it here: What is a concept paper?

All the best for the proposal!