Q: Can you recommend some paid medical journals that offer fast publication and are indexed in reputed directories?

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I am a student and I need to publish this article for graduation.  Would you please recommend a list of paid medical journals that offer fast publication (within 4-6 weeks) & are indexed in reputed journal directories like PubMed & Scopus.

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Medicine is a very broad field and it is difficult to recommend specific journals. Since you are looking for journals indexed in Scopus or PubMed, the best way to select a journal would be to use a journal selection tool such as Journal Guide BETA and Elsevier's Journal Finder. Since Scopus is an Elsevier database, you can find Scopus indexed journals through Journal Finder.

You can use these tools to find a journal that will be best suited for your article. These tools also give, for each journal that the search shows up, the average time to get to a first decision. In addition, here is an article that lists rapid publication journals from different fields, including medicine: A list of journals and publishers that offer rapid publication.

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