Q: Why can't I find my article on PubMed if I search using my full name?

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Hello! I have published an article which is also listed at Pubmed. However, I can find this article in the author search only if I enter my last name + first letter of my first name. If I enter my first name + surname, Pubmed will not find anything. How can I change this?

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The format in which author names are usually listed on published journal articles is surname + initials of the first name. This is why it is easier for the database search to pull up results if you type in your name in the prescribed format. Also, the PubMed website has a quick start guide that explains how to use PubMed. Here, you can find specific instructions on how you can search by author. As per these instructions, to search by author on PubMed, you should "Enter the author’s last name plus initials without punctuation in the search box, and then click Search."

If you search by your full name, that is, first name + last name, the search results will pull up your article only if your name is listed in that format within your article. I think you should first check which format has been used while mentioning author names in your article. If the author name does not follow the first name + last name format, it will explain why you cannot find your article on PubMed when you search using this format.

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Thanks for the answer! My full name is mentioned in the article. When I search by other authors' full name (first name + last name), the publication appears..


That's rather strange. Perhaps you can contact your journal editor and ask if they know why this is happening.