Webinar: Communicating your research: How to utilize social media for your research career

Communicating your research: How to utilize social media for your research career
Social media offers the opportunity to communicate your research to scientists, policymakers, and the general public alike, using a single post. However, many academics struggle to effectively use platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube to further their research career. This webinar, led by biologist and science communicator, Dillon Jones will cover what research communication looks like, how to use social media to connect with other researchers, and how having a social media presence can be incredibly impactful for your career. Dillon will also share practical tips and strategies to grow your following on social media so that you may reach an even wider audience.   
Join us and Dillon for this webinar on 26th May, 2022 at 1 pm GMT to learn:
  • What exactly is research communication 
  • Different types of research communication strategies
  • How communicating your research can benefit your career
  • The primary differences between major platforms (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • How to identify which platform is right for you and your research
  • How you can use social media to network, educate, or collaborate

About the speaker:  

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Dillon Jones is a biologist and science communicator interested in the processes that give rise to biodiversity. Dillon uses his platform to teach complex biological concepts, raise awareness for conservation issues, and encourage people to get involved in the sciences. You can find Dillon creating education content on Instagram (@DillonTheBiologist), hanging out on twitter instead of analyzing his results (@BiologistDillon), or hosting Naturalist Showdown, the live-streamed nature game show, over on tv.mammalz.com. 


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