Webinar: Conquering mental health demons in my STEM journey

Conquering mental health demons in my STEM journey

Let’s begin this year on a motivated note with this inspiring talk by Prasha Sarwate. Prasha is the founder of the popular Her STEM Story blog, a passionate STEM advocate, and a powerful motivational speaker. She believes in the power of sharing personal experiences, and her own story is an inspiring one. If you are worried or anxious about your PhD journey or academic career, this talk by Prasha is all you need to help conquer your mental health demons in 2020.

In this hour-long session, Prasha will reveal some of her personal struggles during her STEM journey. While sharing her own experiences, she will talk about how she defeated some real demons like depression and anxiety. She will also share some great advice on how you can stay strong and motivated during your PhD journey as well as be prepared to deal with tough situations and take care of your mental health.

Topic: Conquering mental health demons in my STEM journey

Date: January 11, 2020

Time: 8:00 AM EST


Prasha Sarwate Dutra grew up in New Delhi, India and earned a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering followed by a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from UT Arlington, Texas. She currently works in a leadership role in manufacturing in Rhode Island, USA. She believes that STEM Needs Women, Women Need STEM and to support that she created her podcast, Her STEM Story. Through one on one interviews with people from around the world, her mission is to close the voice-gap in STEM professions. In 2020, Prasha will be launching her coaching program called Conquer Your Career for women in STEM.