Q: Could you please tell me if the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research (JCDR) is presently UGC-approved?

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By ‘UGC-approved,’ we understand you mean whether or not it is on the Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics (CARE) list, or simply, the UGC-CARE list. No, it doesn’t seem to be there. If needed, you may check this yourself through this link, although you’ll need to register to be able to search the list.

That said, this doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s a bogus/predatory or low-quality journal. Rather, it seems to be a ‘small’ journal seeking to establish itself. If you are interested in submitting to it, you may go through their home page, editorial board, and past and present issues to get an idea whether submitting to the journal aligns with your topic as also your research publishing goals.

For further insights, you may find it worthwhile to go through these resources:

Hope that helps. All the best for your manuscript planning / submission!