Q: Do I need to inform my target journal that the study was presented at a domestic conference?

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When submitting a manuscript to an international journal, if intermediate data from a paper was presented at a domestic conference, should I inform the journal and mention this matter within the manuscript?

The intermediate data presented at the conference was analyzed using the same data set. And the result of the simple tabulation (simple statistics) is partly same as in the manuscript. The Japanese abstract of the conference presentation is available online.

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It is quite common for researchers to present their preliminary findings at a conference before they submit their manuscript to a journal. Submitting intermediate data from your research to a domestic conference does not preclude submission to a journal. However, it is best practice to inform the journal editor that you have submitted preliminary data at a conference. Also, you need to ensure that the title of your manuscript is slightly different from that of the conference abstract. and that the journal paper has at least 30% original data that was not presented at the conference. 

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