Editage attends the 244th ACS conference in Philadelphia

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Editage attends the 244th ACS conference in Philadelphia

Editage, a division of Cactus Communications, Inc., attended the 244th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition held in Philadelphia, PA, from August 19 to 23. The theme of the meeting was “Materials for Health and Medicine.” The venue was bustling with activity and offered a wealth of scientific, educational, and professional information. Editage was one of approximately 300 exhibitors at the meeting and was represented by Donald Samulack, PhD, Sandi McIntyre, Nikesh Gosalia, and Basil D’Souza.

The program covered a wide range of chemistry-related topics and had something of interest for each of the 13,000 attendees. The event was marked by a huge international presence, with many attendees from Asia, Europe, and South America. Nobel Laureates Robert H. Grubbs, Richard R. Shrock, Stanley B. Prusiner, George A. Olah, Alan J. Heeger, and Mario J. Molina were among the many esteemed international scientists who presented their research during the meeting.

The purpose of Editage’s presence at the meeting was to reach out to the scientific community and make them aware of our expertise in editing, translation, transcription, and author support services. Our goal is to partner with researchers, authors, and industry experts to achieve effective communication of science both within and outside of the scientific community.

The event itself was a huge success from an academic standpoint, but apart from the science, this was a unique forum that provided researchers — established and aspiring alike — and industry professionals an opportunity to network and identify potential areas of collaboration.

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Published on: Nov 12, 2013


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