Editage Insights celebrates "Open in Action" during Open Access Week 2016

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Editage Insights celebrates "Open in Action" during Open Access Week 2016

Today is the start of the International Open Access Week (also known as OA Week), an annual event organized by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) for the global scholarly publishing community. Every year, OA Week focuses on creating awareness about open access and related topics. The theme of this year’s OA Week is “Open in Action,” and it will be celebrated from October 24 to 30.

Open access is deemed to be the future of scholarly communication since it has the potential to change the way scientific information is disseminated. Therefore, as per the OA Week website, the primary intent behind organizing this event is spreading awareness about the potential benefits of making scientific results and data and freely accessible to all immediately after publication or creation. And this year’s theme will focus on concrete steps (taken by researchers, journals, publishers, institutions, or funders) that take us closer to making science truly open for all.

Since its inception eight years ago, this global event has been joined and supported by many universities, colleges, institutes, funding agencies, libraries, and other think tanks invested in the benefits of open access publishing. As a supporter of the open access movement, Editage Insights is proud to participate in Open Access Week 2016. Throughout the week, we will share resources in various formats and pertaining to the current discussions on open access such as open access policies across the globe, different venues where authors can publish their research open access, the benefits of publishing on platforms that are open access, and more. So stay tuned to Editage Insights and make the most of Open Access Week 2016!    

Update - We published the following posts during the OA Week:

  1. How many open access policies and mandates do we have?  
  2. Misconception about APCs deters an author from publishing open access: A case study
  3. How researchers and journals can use preprints to make research freely accessible
  4. Benefits of publishing your work open access: Debunking myths  
  5. Why should researchers choose open access?
  6. A young researcher's guide to open access publishing      

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Published on: Oct 24, 2016


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