Q: How can I make my research more authentic?

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I [have] use[d] various sources while writing the paper.

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Authenticity in research implies that the conduct and evaluation of research are genuine and credible and also that the research is worthwhile and contributes to the field. We assume that you are referring to the genuineness and credibility of your work. At the same time, you have mentioned that you have “used various sources while writing the paper,” which could indicate concerns such as plagiarism. Accordingly, we shall address your question in two parts.

First, the authenticity of research can be looked at from various perspectives:

  • Novelty: A study is truly authentic if it has not been done before, addresses a question that has not been asked before, or sets out to bridge pre-existing knowledge gaps.
  • Credibility: This relates to the accuracy of the methods, data, and findings. In an authentic study, the data should be representative of the sample studied/experiment conducted.
  • Validity: This means that the design, method, and conclusions address the research question adequately and are free of biases (intentional or unintentional).
  • Reproducibility: You should provide sufficient experimental detail for a future researcher to be able to replicate your study.

Coming to your point of having used multiple sources during writing, it is important to base your study on the published literature. However, plagiarism in any form would compromise the authenticity and originality of your paper. Plagiarism includes not only verbatim copying of text, but also conceptual plagiarism (incorporating distinctive ideas, expressions, concepts, etc., from a source without acknowledging the source) and translated plagiarism. If you are concerned about borrowing text from other sources, you may handle that through paraphrasing. For doing that, you may find this resource helpful: Ward off plagiarism: How to paraphrase writing

And of course, you may also use a professional review and editing service, that can help improve your manuscript in several ways, from language and plagiarism issues to the scientific elements. If interested, you may learn more about our suite of services here: Editage Research Publication Services

Hope that helps. All the best for addressing/incorporating these points in your paper and making the submission!