Q: How can i write an abstract for my research paper

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Mainly, the abstract written after you finish all the other sections. So here is some tips to do that:-

1- the abstract is summery for your paper: you should not write a content that is not existed in your paper.

2-Your abstract must render whole the idea: as abstract must not contain additional idea, Also you should make sure there is nothing missing.

3-Begin with your keywords: If you want to summarize quiet well abstract from each section, you must make a good list of keywords, to make sure that you catch the important idea.

4-statistics and number: in abstract, the numbers that make sense to your main ideas should mentioned in abstract.

5-​​​​​​sectioning or not?!

also there is frequently asked question about writing the abstract as sections or just paragraphs. Mostly, if you write your abstract as sections, you make more identifiable summery for each section- it's like riding bicycle with assisting wheels- but it'differs according to journal you submit to or the kind of paper you write i.e. review papers, editorials...etc