Q: How can postdocs manage finances?

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The postdoctoral stipend is a modest one, and it is difficult to sustain on it for several years. And if your life expenses during this phase involve starting a family, buying a house, taking care of aging parents, retirement plans, paying off educational loans, and so on, things may get a bit difficult for you.

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That’s a very pertinent question. [Incidentally, we’ve made one small but important edit to the question. We’ve removed the ‘not’ before ‘modest,’ because that would have meant the entirely opposite thing. :-)]

Coming back to your query, we also think it would be best to hear responses from postdocs themselves. So, we’ve turned this over to the relevant folk here as well as elsewhere for their say.

Until then, on the forum/site, we thought we could share other relevant career-related resources with you.

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Additionally, and tangentially, here’s a piece on managing another equally important resource – time: 10 Tried and tested time management tips for researchers

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Yes, postdoc stipends aren't that great. This phase also typically overlaps with the time when you are starting a family and paying off educational loans. The only way out is to balance those books! Make sure you aren't getting into new debts and living only what you can afford. Often the city you live in considerably affects your expenses. Choose wisely if you foresee other economic burdens. 

That said, if possible, plan your future well and try to get there sooner! 


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