Q: How do I get answers for the contextual perspective of my study?

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My topic is ‘The effects of teachers’ behaviors on children’s academic performance in the case of nursery schools in Nansana municipality.’ I want to get data for the contextual perspective.

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Your question wasn’t very clear. So, it has been edited for clarity. Also, as your topic is very specific, I cannot provide any details, but only pointers.

Writing the contextual perspective for your study involves talking about how your study is relevant to the broader area of study, that is, teachers’ behaviors toward students and how these can impact academic performance. You need to talk about the current knowledge and points of discussion in the area. You may also wish to look at studies done in the same field for other municipalities and perhaps even for schooling levels beyond the nursery. This may help you determine if teachers’ behaviors affect academic performance in students across municipalities and schooling levels. You need to write the contextual perspective in the Introduction section of your paper.

Once you obtain the data for the different municipalities and schooling levels, including that for your topic, you will be able to make an informed analysis and conclusion about your topic. You need to write about the analysis and conclusion in the Results and Discussion sections of your paper.

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