Q: How do I make a checklist for an in vitro study using human cells?

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This is a requirement of the manuscript submission. Please provide an example of a format or template.

Additional details: It needs to be a reporting checklist for medical research depending on the type of my study, which I need to upload alongside my manuscript. I tried to find the right reporting checklist from EQUATOR Guidelines, but none of their checklists (e.g. PRISMA, CONSORT, STRICTA, STROBE, etc.) are suitable for my type of research (lab-based).

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Thanks for providing the additional details. Based on that, the reporting guidelines checklist is not applicable for your study as it is a laboratory-based study and not a clinical study (for which the EQUATOR reporting guideline checklists are applicable). Incidentally, you may find the decision tree for selecting the appropriate EQUATOR checklist on their site here.

On our site, you may learn more about the EQUATOR guidelines through these articles:

Now, if it’s a mandatory field to upload a checklist into the submission system, you may prepare a text document (Word file) mentioning ‘Not Applicable’ (NA) in the file and upload that into the system.

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