Q: How do I write a model research title?

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A good title is important for your paper for several reasons. It quickly conveys the essence of your research. It draws the attention of interested readers to your paper. Where applicable, it communicates the type of study conducted.

To write an appropriate title for your paper, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • The title should be brief. A general rule is to keep it within 10-12 words.
  • It should be simple and clear. Therefore, avoid jargon and abbreviations (unless the terms are well-known).
  • It can be catchy (to attract the attention of readers), though not gimmicky.
  • It is best to write the title after completing the paper, because by then, you would be clear about the core of the research. However, until then, you could have a working (or tentative) title.

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