Q: How do I write about the scope of my case study?

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My case study is about taxes in Europe focused on tech giants.

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There are two aspects to your query, scope and case study. Let’s take them one by one.

Scope is the boundary you set for your research. If you do not (properly) define the scope, it may impact either the study or the findings. If the scope is too broad, you may not be able to complete the study. If it’s too narrow, you may not be able to say for certain whether your findings are relevant for a larger population. So, the scope should be ‘just right.’ Although this may seem challenging, working out the scope involves making judicious decisions about your study and thus helps honing your research skills. Finally, you need to write about the scope in the Methods section of the paper. You may learn more about scope here: What is the meaning of scope and delimitations of a study?

A case study is an in-depth examination of a phenomenon with regard to an individual, an entity, or a group. Because a case study is quite detailed, by definition, it limits the scope of the study. Nevertheless, it is important to define the scope in order to establish whom exactly you are studying. You may learn more about writing for a case study here: What could be the problem statement for a case study on the impact of training on employees' performance?

Coming to your query, while it would be best for you to work out the scope, also because you would best know your topic, we can nevertheless provide some responses to help you get started. Presently, the scope of your study seems quite broad. You would need to determine if you wish to study all tech giants in Europe, a limited set, or even just one or two. So too, you would need to figure out if you wish to look at relevant taxes across the length and breadth of Europe, only certain parts or regions of Europe, or even just one or two nations. For more help, you may refer to this resource: Can you give an example of the scope of a study?

All the best for your study!