Q: How do I write about the significance of the study in my research proposal?

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I have no idea.

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The significance of the study, quite simply, is the importance of the study to the field – what new insights/information it will yield, how it will benefit the target population, very simply, why it needs to be conducted.

For instance, given the current situation (and without knowing your subject area), you may wish to conduct research on whether a lockdown is the right solution for controlling a pandemic. Based on your research question and methodology, you will have to talk about the potential insights your study may yield, so that it could provide pointers to researchers and governments alike on how to implement, manage, relax, or possibly even avoid lockdowns as a strategy for controlling pandemics.

As yours is a proposal, it’s crucial to get this right. So, we can understand if you are concerned how to go about this. We have therefore provided some relevant resources below (regarding both the significance and research proposals) that should be helpful:

All the best for the proposal, and hopefully, also the research!