Q: How long does a second round of peer review take?

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If a paper goes for a second round of peer review after major revisions, how long does it take for the review to complete? It took more than 4 months for the first round. Will it take as long this time too?

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Usually, the second round of peer review does not take as long as the first round. In most cases, the paper is sent back to the same set of reviewers after major revisions. This makes it easier for them to evaluate whether their comments and suggestions have been incorporated in the revised manuscript. If that is the case, the reviewers will already be familiar with your paper, so it will take them less time.

However, sometimes the editor might decide to send it to a new set of reviewers. This happens if one or more of the previous reviewers are not available, or if the editor wants a fresh perspective. If that is the case, then it might take longer. 

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