Q: How should I deal with a predatory publisher?

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I was invited to submit my article to a new journal. Since my article had been rejected by a number of journals earlier, I submitted my paper to this journal. My paper was subsequently published. Before publication, there was no agreement about publication fee. After the publication, I checked the journal website and found the publication fee is mentioned as US$1800. I assumed that I need not pay it, since I was invited and I got no request for payment. But 6 months later, I got an invoice for US$3600. I told the journal that I did not agree to the payment at the time of publication, and that the publication fee was mentioned as US$1800 on the website. Then I received a revised invoice with US$1800. I said that I would make payment; but, when I independently investigated this publisher, I came to know that it is a predatory publication. Should I make the payment or should I withdraw my paper?

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It is indeed unfortunate that you were trapped in this predatory publication. Please be aware that:

Please ensure that you do a thorough background check before you submit your manuscript to any journal.

You have an option to withdraw your paper. For any academic achievement and career progression, a CV with a publication in a predatory journal is not favoured; it can have a negative impact on the author’s research quality.

Hence, you should evaluate the situation carefully and make an informed decision before you either make a payment or withdraw. Please note that the publication fee in most cases is non-refundable. Should you decide to withdraw your manuscript at a later stage, you would lose the money once you have made a payment. If you decide to withdraw your manuscript, please follow up with the journal to take your article off their website.

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