Q: How to follow the EQUATOR Network research guidelines?

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I am submitting a paper to the journal Heart. However, the publisher, BMJ, requests a research checklist. How am I supposed to fill it? How to follow the EQUATOR Network research guidelines?

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The EQUATOR Network guidelines cover different types of studies. Depending on your type of study, you will need to decide which EQUATOR guidelines to follow. For example, if it is a clinical trial, you will need to follow the CONSORT checklist, if your study is an observational one, follow the STROBE checklist.

Once you have understood the study type and associated checklist, you can go to the EQUATOR Network website and download the relevant checklist for your manuscript. Review each point in the checklist and ensure that these are included in your manuscript. Then, in the checklist, against each point, add the page number of the manuscript where you discuss each point. For more details please go through the recommended reading mentioned below.

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