Q: How to write a financial disclosure for the journal?

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How can I write a financial disclosure for the journal? Isn't it too simple to mention it as 'none'?

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Usually, if you have no financial conflicts of interest, you can include a statement like "There are no financial conflicts of interest to disclose." This is the accepted convention, and while it is simple, the objective is to be clear and transparent. In case your journal has a form, it is okay to write "none" in the financial disclosure field.

However, before you make such a declaration, you must be very sure that you do not have any financial relationship which might be viewed as a potential conflict of interest. As the author, you will have to submit a statement ensuring that:

1. Any kind of financial support (funding, grants, sponsorship) that you have received has been acknowledged. 

2. Any commercial or financial relationship that might have the potential of being viewed as a conflict of interest has been disclosed in the cover letter.

3. You have not signed any agreement with the sponsor that will bias the results of your research in any way.

If you feel you do not have any potential conflict of interest, you can give a declaration stating that.

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