Q: How to write a problem statement for peer tutoring students with learning disabilities?

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Can you please help me write the statement of the problem of  a study about “the effects of peer tutoring on the learning abilities of students with learning disabilities”?

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Answer: Please for a brief explanation of statement of the problem of the effect of peer tutoring on the learning abilities of students with learning disabilities

A statement of a problem is defined as a brief, clear, and precise explanation of an issue that a researcher wants to study and a proposed solution to the problem. Problem statements need to be backed up with facts. I understand that you want to study peer tutoring related to learning capabilities of students with learning disabilities. Since I am not sure what aspects you are exactly looking at or want to study, it would not be possible for me to propose a statement of the problem.


However, here are a few articles that would help you to understand how to write the statement of a problem:

I would suggest that you do a literature search related to your area of study, identify the gaps in literature, discuss with your peers, seniors, and supervisor and then follow the detailed outline as given in the above articles to write the statement of problem. The important feature here is to find something novel to study/research on, which can substantially contribute to the existing literature and address the problems that have so far been unexplored.