Q: How to write a response to reviewer comments in case of minor revisions

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Within a short period of time after submission, the status message showed ‘accept pending minor revisions.’ The only comment I received was: "Please check your paper for English language editing, and ensure that you follow the Editorial Formatting Comments listed in this letter. Congratulations." My paper had been edited by Editage before submission and I plan to get it edited once again after revision. Also, the Editorial formatting comments were also typical and normal suggestions. I want to add a list of Abbreviations, which I don't think will be a problem as per the formatting guidelines of the journal." In this case, there is nothing that I need to respond to in particular, so how should I write the response letter to the reviewer?

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From what I understand, the reviewer comments are in two parts:

1. A generic one-sentence comment about language editing

2. A list of editorial formatting comments

How you write your response letter will depend on how the reviewer comments were written. So, for the first part, you can just state that language editing for the revised paper has been done. You should ideally mention that you have had the paper edited by a professional editing services company.

For the editorial formatting comments, you should give a point-by-point response, even if your response for each point is merely "done." You can also say that you have added a list of abbreviations. 

Here is a template that you can use:

"Dear Mr. XXX [Editor's name],

Thank you for considering my article for publication in XXX [Journal Name].  I am grateful to you and the reviewers for the valuable suggestions provided.

Here are responses to the reviewer comments:

Comment 1: Language editing for the manuscript has been done. I have used the services of a professional editing company for the same.

Editorial Formatting comments: All the suggestions regarding editorial formatting have been incorporated.

Comment 2: Use a 1" margin on all sides: Done

Comment 3: Double space the entire text: Done

Comment 4:  

Comment 5:

Comment 6:

Note that I have added a list of abbreviations which was not included in the previous version of the manuscript.

I would be happy to make any further changes that may be required."

You will also find this ebook useful:

A practical handbook of templates for communicating with the journal