Q: How to write the publication expectations in a research proposal?

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My supervisor asked me to add a section on publication expectations in my research proposal but I don’t know how to write it.

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Your question was a little unclear and I have edited it for clarity. By publication expectations, your supervisor probably means that you need to mention where you would like to publish your article. The quality of a paper is often judged on the basis of the journal's reputation and impact factor. For the same reason, your institution/funding agency may be interested in knowing which journal you aim to publish your research in.

In my opinion, in the section on publication expectations, you might have to name a few target journals where you plan to submit your paper, mentioning their impact factor and also whether you are looking at journals indexed in popular databases. Here are a few posts that will help you understand how you can select suitable target journals for your paper:

You can ask your supervisor for more explanation with regard to this. Alternatively, you can check the institution/funding agency’s guidelines for research proposals to have more clarity on this.

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