Q: How to write methodology review when in article there is no methodological section?

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I need to write methodology from an article review. The article does not provide the methodology section

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Your main question seemed a bit different from the detailed question. To cover all possibilities as to what you might have meant, please consider the following scenarios.

  1. If you are asking about writing a methodological review, this type of review article focuses on methods of analysis rather than research outcomes. An example could be a methodological review of statistical practices followed by education researchers. A methodological review provides a framework of research approaches and data collection and analysis techniques. The steps to write a methodological review would be like those for writing any other type of review, except that you would be reviewing the methods/approaches followed in different studies, discussing the pros and cons of each, and perhaps even highlighting the most appropriate ones for the topic at hand. The review’s focus would not be on the findings of those studies.
  2. If you are asking about drawing on the methodology from a published review article that does not have methods section (which is typically the case in review articles), there would at least be a brief description on how the authors conducted the literature search (e.g., the use of certain keywords, the names of the databases used). That information could serve as a starting point for you.
  3. If you meant that you want to create a methods section in a review article that you are writing, i.e., to describe the methodology you followed to review the literature and write your review article, you can simply introduce a section detailing this. In this section, you would typically start by mentioning how you formulated the research problem. Next, you could mention the type of review it is (e.g., narrative review, systematic review). Finally, you would describe how you searched for the literature relevant to your topic (use of search terms, databases searched, results obtained, how many papers were screened for inclusion in your study), and how you analysed and summarized the studies.

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