How your language editing service can help you improve your writing skills

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How your language editing service can help you improve your writing skills

A good editing service should not only ensure that the paper meets the widely accepted standards for language quality but also help the author improve his/her writing skills. With steady improvement in writing skills, authors can save crucial time and effort while writing the next paper.

The Editor’s Report—a learning tool offered as part of Editage's Premium Editing service—serves just this purpose.  In this report, the editor provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-digest assessment of the language quality in each section of the paper. The report also includes suggestions on how to write each important section in a better way, with a specific focus on the language style required for journal publication.

The report is divided into sections that match the mandatory sections of any journal article—title, abstract, introduction, materials & methods, results & discussion, and conclusion. This way, the editor’s feedback and tips are focused on writing good research papers, rather than general tips for good writing that may not be crucial from the journal’s viewpoint.

In each section, the editor rates the writing on a three-star scale. The purpose of the star rating for each section is to give you a quick snapshot of which sections were relatively strong and which ones required more editing. As a result, you don’t have to spend energy going through large amounts of text to understand where to focus your attention while writing your next paper, or indeed while revising the current paper.

Additionally, as the editor’s assessment is completely based on the paper being edited, you can share the report with your co-authors so that your entire group or lab can benefit from a single report. If you are a lab head or research supervisor, you can go through the Editor’s Reports in your students’ Premium Editing assignments with Editage, to get an idea of their writing skills.

In short, the report is a low-effort tool that provides specific guidance on writing journal articles. Do go through our sample Editor's Report. We hope that you will find this feature of Premium Editing useful and share the benefits with your colleagues, co-authors, or supervisor.

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Published on: Mar 05, 2014

Used his own editorial and publishing experience to help meet service delivery expectations and ensure that researchers achieve their publication goals.
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