Q: Is it possible to pay the publication fee before the paper is accepted?

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My manuscript is in review process with a journal. The study was funded by my university. I am planning to pay for the publishing fee from the research fund but I'm worried that the decision might be made later than the deadline date of using the fund. So is it possible to ask if I could pay the publishing fee in advance, even before the decision?

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Compared to other legumes, it is also resistant to many insect pests (Tiwari and Campbell, 1996a; Tiwari and Campbell, 1996b; Berger et al., 1999; Sillero et al., 2005).

Nanoparticles (NPs) are wide class of materials that include particulate substances, which have one dimension less than 100 nm at least (Laurent et al., 2010). The importance of these materials realized when researchers found that size can influence the physiochemical properties of a substance e.g. the optical properties (Khan et al., 2017). NPs with different composition, size, and concentration, physical/ chemical properties have been reported to influence growth and development of various plant species with both positive and negative effects (Ma et al., 2010). Silver nanoparticles have been implicated in agriculture for improving crops. There are many reports indicating that appropriate concentrations of AgNPs play an important role in plant growth (Hojjat and Hojjat, 2015; Kaveh et al., 2013). The application of Nano silver during germination process may enhance germination traits, plant growth and resistance to salinity conditions in basil seedlings (Darvishzadeh et al., 2015). The use of Silver Nanoparticle on Fenugreek Seed Germination under Salinity Levels is a recent practice studied (Hojjat and Kamyab, 2017). Nanomaterials have also been used for various fundamental and practical applications (Kolekar et al., 2011). Although the potential of AgNPs in improving salinity resistance has been reported in several plant species (Ekhtiyari et al., 2011; Younes et al., 2011), its role in the alleviation of salinity effect and related mechanisms is still unknown. Therefore, the main objective of this work was to study the effect of Silver Nanoparticles on salt tolerance in Lathyrus sativus L.


As far as I understand, you would like to pay the article publication charges in advance to the journal and your manuscript is still under review. Usually, the payment of these charges will depend on the acceptance of your manuscript. Please check journal guidelines to find out when the authors are supposed to make the payment. If it is only upon receiving acceptance, it might be difficult to pay the fee in advance. If this is a mandatory fee, like submission fees, then you can pay in advance. Please contact the editorial office for more details.


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