Q: Is Wiley a major publisher?

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I am going to submit my manuscript to an international journal for the first time. I hear that Elsevier is one of the largest publishers in the world, but what about Wiley? Can I consider [that] the articles published in Wiley journals are generally reliable enough?

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It’s great to know that you plan to submit to an international journal. This perhaps means that you have submitted to national journals before this. If so, submitting to an international journal is a significant next step. You may be a bit nervous, but you needn’t worry. If you have had papers accepted with national journals, you would be prepared to a fair extent for submitting to an international journal.

Coming to your query, yes, Wiley is indeed a major publisher. In fact, it would be considered among the world’s leading publishers, right alongside Elsevier and Springer Nature. Wiley is a well-known and established publisher with a long history (over 200 years), and presently, has a wide range of journals and other services. You may learn more about Wiley’s credentials on their About Us page here.

Therefore, too, the articles published in Wiley journals are of high quality. However, note that submitting to a publisher or a journal doesn’t depend only on the reputation and quality of the publisher/journal. Among other factors, it’s important to consider whether they publish quality, relevant articles in your field. So, it would be best to go through a few articles in your target Wiley journal before submitting to them. Additionally, it would help to understand their author and submission guidelines and their review process well before making the actual submission.

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Hope that helps. All the best for your first international submission! Hopefully, there will be many more in the years to come!