Workshop: Join the "Shut up and write" co-working session to meet your writing deadlines

Join the "Shut up and write" co-working session to meet your writing deadlines

NOTE: We conduct this recurring session every Friday from 9:30-10:30 am UTC. Registrations to the session open from 12:00 pm UTC every Saturday. Join us every week!

Do you find yourself rushing to meet your academic writing deadlines? Do you find it hard to make time for focused writing on your weekly schedule? Have you often caught yourself procrastinating about writing?  

If the answer at least one of these questions is yes, then this session is for you! 

To help you make progress on your writing goals, Editage Insights hosts online Shut Up & Write sessions every Friday. These are co-working sessions that aim to increase your productivity. We use the pomodoro technique - an effective time-management method in which you break down your work into 25-minute focused blocks of time, separated by short breaks. 

This strategy works because you completely focus on one task (writing) without shifting focus or multitasking. With the clock is ticking, a moderator making sure you stay focused, and everyone else on the call writing, you ignore the urge to check email, answer text messages or do any other distracting activity. You’re in the zone and completely focused. 


How the session works: 

  • Interested members join a group video call for an hour of focused writing 

  • You introduce yourself and share your writing goal on chat  

  • The moderator shares a few instructions and gives the cue to start 

  • Each person does their own writing (you can ask for advice in the chat box if you get stuck at any point) 

  • You write in two sprints of 25 minutes each with a 5-minute break in between 

  • The moderator acts as a time-keeper, answers your questions, and motivates you to get your writing done 

  • At the end of the session, you do a quick check-in to see how much you got done against your goal 


Sounds interesting? Register now! We have only 30 seats for the upcoming session! 

If you miss getting a place this time, don’t worry. This session will happen on every Friday so try blocking a seat for the next session. We will share the details for that soon.  

Session details: 

Date: November 4, Friday 

Time: 9:30am GMT  

Block your seat here 


About the moderator:  

Default Alt text 

Kakoli Majumder  

Academic Publication Coach, Editage Insights 

Kakoli has a background in English communication and training and over 8 years of experience assisting authors in their publishing journey and guiding them on the best ways to disseminate their research. She writes educational content for researchers guiding them on the nuances of academic writing, the publication process, and good publication practices. Having worked with researchers for over 8 years, Kakoli has a deep understanding of academia and the challenges it poses for researchers – in her current role her primary focus is on fostering a spirit of community and cooperation among researchers.   


How to make the most of a Shut Up & Write Session: 

  • Join the call on time. This will give you time to say hello to other writers! 

  • Keep your video on. This way you’re more likely to avoid distractions and focus on writing when you know everyone else is watching you. 

  • Do your reading over the week and make sure you have all your data and notes with you so you can use this hour exclusively to write. 

  • As soon as the moderator gives the cue to start writing, give yourself no more than 10 seconds to begin your first sentence. Just GO! Ignore grammar, punctuation, point of view, quotation marks — you’ll have plenty of time to fix all of that later. 

  • Connect with other writers. Use the chat to share how much you achieved, the challenges you faced, exchange writing tips, and encourage/motivate others.  

Your productivity increases significantly if you make writing a habit. This can be achieved when you incorporate an hour of focused writing into your schedule each week. For best results, join the session at the same time every Friday. Watch this space to register for subsequent Shut up & Write sessions.