Journal selection: A service that strengthens your publication strategy

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Journal selection: A service that strengthens your publication strategy

One of the most important factors that influence your chances of publication is the match between the scope of your research and the scope of your target journal. In addition to ensuring that the fundamental research is strong and the paper is written in high-quality English, a sound publication strategy involves selecting a journal whose scope is aligned with the contribution of your research and whose peer review timeframes match your target timelines for publication.

At the same time, there has been a rapid increase in new journals that emphasize short review times and make your papers accessible to a larger readership through open-access options.

This means that researchers can now increase their chances of publication significantly by simply choosing the target journal more carefully, after a close consideration of the journal’s scope, peer review process, and open-access policy. Therefore, Editage has developed a journal selection service to help researchers make smarter choices by keeping pace with the various options available to them.

In the journal selection service, a journal selection expert from your subject area goes through your paper and recommends a list of 3-5 journals that fit the scope of your research, publication timelines, and open-access options. While most researchers are aware of the top journals in their subject area, the journal selection service enhances publication strategy by revealing more journals—often newer journals which some researchers are unaware of—that are reputable, have a large readership, and offer strong chances of publications.

The journal recommendations are presented in a comprehensive and easy-to-follow report that summarize crucial journal metrics that help you make an informed choice, by indicating the fit to your paper, as well as the timelines involved in getting published in the journal.

So, do keep the Editage Journal Selection service in mind while writing your next paper!

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Published on: Feb 26, 2014

Used his own editorial and publishing experience to help meet service delivery expectations and ensure that researchers achieve their publication goals.
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