Last week in scholarly publishing

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Last week in scholarly publishing

As a busy researcher, if you’ve missed important updates from the scholarly publishing industry, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top 4 industry updates for this week.


Only 2% of the USA’s biological science PhD students receive salaries that cover their living expenses

Two PhD students found in a study that only 2% of the doctorate students enrolled in graduate programs in the biological sciences in the USA get salaries that are more than the basic living cost. They collected data for around 178 institutions across the country.

Read the entire news on Nature.

Japan’s top medical university pays fine for gender discrimination

The Tokyo District Court has ordered Juntendo University, one of the top medical universities in Japan, to pay a compensation of US$ 63,000 to a group of 13 female plaintiffs who had sued the university for gender discrimination in entrance exams in 2018.

Read the complete news on University World News.

Targets set for Canada Research Chair positions in several Canadian universities

Several Canadian universities have been noticed to invite applicants from a traditionally underrepresented sections of the society for their Canada Research Chair positions. These job postings target sections including women, racial minorities, indigenous people, and people with disabilities, and have been aimed at meeting equity goals. They have, however, raised questions about whether the approach is appropriate and will go beyond tokenism.

Read more on University Affairs.

The Research, Policy and Higher Education program for Rwandan scholars is gradually picking pace

The Research, Policy and Higher Education program, instituted in 2014, is gradually empowering Rwandan authors’ presence in Rwanda’s scholarly literature, which has been devoid of the native Rwandan voice. Under this program, the number of papers focusing on Rwanda with at least one Rwandan author has gone up from 13 (1994-2019) to more than 400 proposals (2014-2022).

Visit The Conversation to read in detail.

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Published on: Jun 03, 2022


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