Last week in scholarly publishing

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Last week in scholarly publishing

If you’ve missed important updates from the scholarly publishing industry, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top 4 industry updates for this week.


Nature invites four guest editors to begin the journey to decolonize science

Nature has begun work with four guest editors of African descent to create special issues on racism in science. The articles in these special issues will cover and discuss events when researchers from formerly colonized nations faced bias, the effects of a decades-old European racial belief system on researchers today, and ways to recognize and remove racism from science.

Read the first editorial about this initiative on Nature.

First ever mobile game to promote ethical publication presented at WCRI

A mobile game called Dilemma Game was presented at the World Conference on Research Integrity, which recently took place in South Africa. The game presents the user with situations involving research ethics dilemmas and provides four options as responses to solve the dilemma. After giving an answer, the user can see how other users have voted and read an expert’s views on the ideal solution. The game currently has more than 100 situations.

Visit Nature to read more.

Funding cancelled for over 140 UK researchers with Horizon Europe grants

Over 140 researchers in the UK who had already won grants from the program have been told that their grants will be cancelled soon. Receiving grants from Horizon Europe, one of the biggest funding programs for EU researchers, is a prestige for all researchers. As a result, many UK researchers are planning to shift their host institute to one that falls under the Horizon Europe requirement, and thus, will improve their chances to retain the grants.

Read details on ResearchProfessional News.

Japan and Taiwan universities welcome Ukrainian students

Universities across Japan are welcoming Ukrainian students with open arms. Japan University of Economics enrolled 68 Ukrainian students; Kyoto University plans to admit 30; the University of Tokyo is raising a humanitarian fund for Ukrainian students.

Similar initiatives are being taken by universities in Taiwan. Tzu Chi University (TCU) announced that it would sponsor the education of 30 Ukrainian students.

Read more on University World News.


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Published on: Jun 14, 2022


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