Video: More about CrossCheck, CrossMark, and FundRef

More about CrossCheck, CrossMark, and FundRef

This is the third part of our interview series with Rachael Lammey, Product Manager at CrossRef. After explaining how the DOI introduced persistent linking in academic publishing (in the previous segment), Rachael now talks about the other products offered by CrossRef: CrossCheck, CrossMark, and FundRef.

  • CrossCheck helps users check the originality of a paper by comparing it against a database of published research. Rachael emphasizes that before penalizing authors for plagiarism, it is essential to determine why they plagiarized because, often, plagiarism is unintentional.
  • By clicking on the CrossMark logo on an article, users can get more information about whether the authors of the article have updated any information in it and if they are viewing the latest version of the article. In an increasingly open access world where pre-prints are being made publicly available, the CrossMark logo is immensely helpful.
  • FundRef eases funders’ and publishers’ anxiety by helping them track funding related information from an article’s metadata. As a result funders, can keep track of how many of their funding projects convert into published papers.

According to Rachael, it is a great time to be part of academic publishing because of the current spate of technological improvements.

Stay tuned for the next segment, where Rachael talks about how CrossRef reaches out to authors and publishers globally.

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