Q: My reviewer suggested submitting my rejected paper to a top conference. What should I do?

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My paper was rejected. The reviewer commented that my English is not good and the logical structure is not sufficient. Also the reviewer suggested me to submit to a top conference. Is this a common case?

I have significantly revised my paper so that the readability is improved. (I will ask for a professional service for English.) But I am scared to submit to a top conference, since I do not belong to any institution. Would you give me some advice.

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The reviewer has probably suggested that you submit your paper to a conference because he/she has seen some potential in the study. Yet, it still has scope for improvement which is why it was rejected. The purpose of presenting your research at a conference is to inform people about your study and get feedback from them. So once you receive inputs and incorporate them in your paper, your paper will improve significantly. You can then submit it to a journal. This will increase your chances of acceptance as the paper will definitely be an improved and a more detailed version of the current one. This is a very good suggestion and I think you will benefit from following the reviewer's advice.

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