Q: New reviewers have been assigned. What does it mean?

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I received the following email from the journal assistance; would like to let you know that we haven't received the required number of review reports. Previously assigned reviewers have either declined or not accepted the invitation. Therefore, we have assigned the manuscript to a new set of reviewers. Please be assured that a decision will be rendered shortly. Whate does this mean? Thanks

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Thank you for your question. As part of the peer review process, the journal assigns your paper to peer reviewers. They review your manuscript and recommend to the journal editor the next steps. Based on the mail received from the journal, when the journal sent your manuscript to peer reviewers, some of them either declined the request or did not accept the invitation. Therefore, they were falling short of the number of reports that were to be received from the peer reviewers.

They have now assigned your paper to another set of reviewers and will provide a decision to you shortly.