Video: Open access: Perspectives from Korea and Japan

Open access: Perspectives from Korea and Japan

Clarinda Cerejo, Editor-in-Chief of Editage Insights, is in conversation with Mikiko Tanifuji, Open Access Publisher, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan, and Dr. Seo JeongWook, Professor of Pathology at Seoul National University, Korea. Both Mikiko and Dr. Seo are passionate about open access and in this conversation, they share their views on open access and discuss the ground reality of open access in their respective countries, i.e., Japan and Korea. They reveal that the understanding and acceptance of the concept of open access publishing differs based on an individual's role and field. In addition, there is increasing pressure from the governments in both countries to push for and support open access. Mikiko and Dr. Seo also talk about the misconceptions authors may have about open access and how, as scientists, authors should free their minds a bit and accept open access publication as a beneficial way to disseminate their research widely. The rich perspectives Mikiko and Dr. Seo share based on their respective roles as publisher and academician are the highlight of the interview.

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