Webinar: Perspectives from the academic trio: A deep dive into research integrity issues and challenges faced by authors, editors, and reviewers

Perspectives from the academic trio: A deep dive into research integrity issues and challenges faced by authors, editors, and reviewers

This year, during Peer Review Week, the focus is on Research integrity: Creating and supporting trust in research. When we speak about research integrity, often, we tend to focus on a few commonly discussed issues such as plagiarism or salami slicing. However, it is also important to think about research integrity from the perspective of different people involved in research and journal publishing. We have invited a former researcher and two research integrity specialists to talk about:

  • Different types of research integrity issues observed or dealt with by journals and reviewers
  • How journals and reviewers deal with research integrity related issues
  • The role played by the peer review process in identifying a potential breach of research or publication ethics
  • What happens when issues are identified after a paper has been published
  • How authors, editors, reviewers, publishers or institutions can help maintain research integrity


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Elisabeth Bik

Independent science integrity volunteer and consultant

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Elisabeth Bik, PhD is a Dutch-American microbiologist who has worked for 15 years at Stanford University and 2 years in industry. Since 2019, she is a science integrity volunteer and consultant who scans the biomedical literature for images or other data of concern and has reported over 6,000 scientific papers.  Her work has resulted in over 800 retracted and almost 1,000 corrected papers.


Christopher Leonard – Moderator

Director of Products and Strategy, Cactus Communications

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Christopher has worked in a variety of editorial, technology and product roles for twenty years in different countries. His previous roles include that of Head of Product at Emerald Publishing, Editorial Director at Qatar Foundation, Associate Publisher at BioMed Central, and Publishing Editor at Elsevier. Christopher has a well-rounded view of the academic publishing industry, having worked in the industry in different countries. He is passionate about building a better, more supportive publishing space for researchers and his current role at Cactus Communications enables him to pursue his passion of redesigning academia by placing the researcher at the center. He is also a great writer, avid Twitter monger, and a big fan of design, fonts, and accessibility. Christopher has a PhD in Color Chemistry from the University of Leeds, UK.


Mike Streeter

Director of Research Integrity & Publication Ethics, Wiley

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Mike leads Wiley’s work in implementing best practices and policy for ethics and integrity in Wiley’s research portfolio; he champions quality and transparency in journal publishing. He has worked in academic publishing for the last seventeen years and through that experience recognizes the value of close collaboration and communication with our communities.