Editage Insights completes six years

November 2019 marks our sixth anniversary. We complete six years as a platform for researchers and publishing professionals across the globe, and we owe all of our achievements to you! We’re doing a bunch of things to celebrate our journey and make our birthday special. Join our two-part webinar series on statistics; participate in an exclusive story contest for researchers and win cool prizes worth up to $5000; join our special six-week challenge; take the world’s largest survey on mental health in academia; get complete access to ALL of our learning courses and handbooks for researchers; and much more! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Stay tuned for our updates.

Part 01

Editage Insights just completed six years as a global platform for researchers and publishing professionals. Here’re a bunch of things we’re doing to make our birthday special, and each of these…

Part 02

Participate in our unique six-week challenge, follow the instructions to complete the task, and stand a chance to win cool prizes. Here's your…

Part 03

Here's the second task of our six-week challenge and it's focused on helping you stay motivated through the highs and lows of your research journey.

Part 04

You're going to LOVE the task this week! Why so? Because I'm asking you to do something that you may badly be in need of as a researcher and perhaps really want to do. 

Part 05

It's time for the fourth task in our six-week challenge. Gear up to explain your work to someone outside your academic or research circle!

Part 06

This week's challenge will help you think about all your achievements in the year and pick something that stands out.