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Interview with Dr. Jo Røislien

Part 01
By Editage Insights | January 16, 2015
Under Industry Opinion | 31,022 Views
Dr. Jo Røislien provides meaningful insight about the issues with data and statistical analysis.
What is the danger with big data? In this three-part series, renowned science communicator Dr. Jo Røislien, talks to us about the nature of data in biostatistics, data mining in general, and why he believes it is a great time for being a biostatistician.
Part 02
By Editage Insights | January 23, 2015
Under Industry Opinion | 19,153 Views
Dr. Jo Røislien: Chasing the Next Big Thing: research, replication, and review
"Researchers in the field all chase the Next Big Thing." Dr. Røislien, famous Norwegian science communicator, discusses in the second part of our interview the challenges in research and publishing and why more patience is critical for better science. Dr. Røislien holds a PhD in geostatistics from the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
Part 03
By Editage Insights | January 30, 2015
Under Industry Opinion | 16,641 Views
Dr. Jo Røislien
In this last segment of our interview series, Dr. Jo Røislien ends us off with a couple of his favorite research tools and some words of advice from the perspective of a peer reviewer. Dr. Røislien is a famous Norwegian science communicator, researcher, and author with a PhD in geostatistics from the Dept. of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics.