Q: Should I cite my thesis as a reference in a journal article?

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Do I have to include a graduation thesis in my reference when I publish my thesis in a journal? I am going to revise my thesis and convert into a journal article. In this case, do I need to add my thesis on the reference of the journal article?

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It is always a good practice to cite your thesis if you are using whole or part of your graduation research work in a journal article. Although you may be revising your thesis, you still will be using part of the data, hypothesis, or methodology. Therefore, in addition to citing your thesis in the article, it is also advisable to inform the editor of the journal in your cover letter for submission that the paper is based on your graduation thesis.


Care should also be taken to note if your university publishes graduate thesis and makes it publicly available. In such cases, you should provide a complete reference to the published thesis so that readers of your article are directed to the resource.


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