Survey: What do you want to know about using the Chicago Manual of Style?

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Survey: What do you want to know about using the Chicago Manual of Style?

As researchers or graduate/doctoral students, have you ever encountered journal or university guidelines recommending that when preparing your manuscripts, you should follow the Chicago Manual of Style? Or Scientific Style and Format?

If you have struggled to use these universally recognized author resources and want to better understand how to use them effectively, Editage Insights has the right opportunity for you.

We will soon host a video prepared by experts from The University of Chicago Press, who will explain what the Chicago Manual of Style covers, how to navigate the site and use it effectively for your benefit, and what Scientific Style and Format contains. They will also talk about free trials and subscriptions.

And here’s where it gets better: You can send them any questions you have beforehand, and they will try and address them in the video itself.

Have a question? Don’t wait! Submit it now! This survey closes on September 22.

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Published on: Sep 15, 2016


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