Q: What is a good thesis topic in the field of accounting?

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I am an MSc. student in accounting looking for a suitable dissertation topic.

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We can’t really help you identify a topic for your dissertation, as we are not specialized in your field. However, we can provide pointers on how to go about it.

You should begin by choosing an area that interests you, one in which you may possibly pursue your PhD or a future profession. Be sure to choose something that keeps you motivated, as you will need to spend a sizeable amount of time researching, writing, and later defending your thesis.

You could also look at current and future trends and challenges in your field (accounting). You could do this through a literature search, which may help you arrive at a broad area of interest. By analyzing the existing literature in your area of interest, you should be able to arrive at a few questions you want to explore, and then finally bring it down to the one question you want to study for your thesis.

When it comes to writing your thesis, here are a couple of resources that will help:


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