3 Things to consider when inquiring about your manuscript status at a journal

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3 Things to consider when inquiring about your manuscript status at a journal

Communicating with a journal can be challenging, especially for newer researchers. One especially daunting situation is when your manuscript status remains unchanged for a long time after you have submitted it. Is it worthwhile to send the journal a reminder, or will the journal perceive this as rude? When should such inquiries be sent? There are three aspects you need to consider, outlined in the infographic below:

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Timing: It’s preferable to wait at least 45-60 days after initial submission before sending an inquiry. Most good journals have high numbers of submissions to screen. Inquiring too soon may end up creating a negative impression of yourself.

Tone: It’s good to maintain a polite and professional tone in all journal communications. Recheck that you have got the editor’s name and designation correct (many journals display these details in their About section or as part of their Author Information kit). Also, use a professional email address as far as possible and also a signature line with complete contact details.

Information: Mention the manuscript submission number in both the subject line and in the main text of your manuscript. This is vital information for journal staff to track your manuscript. Also, do mention the exact date of initial submission, the date(s) of any consequent status changes, etc.


Here’s a template you can use:

Dear [Editor's Salutation and Name],

I have submitted my manuscript [manuscript id: xxxx] to your journal via the online submission system on [date of submission]. However, the status has remained unchanged ever since. I would be grateful if you could let me know whether there has been any further progress on my submission.


XXXX [Your name and contact details]


Do you find communicating with a journal editor challenging? Here’s a handy guide.

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Published on: Feb 01, 2023

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